we Te Ara Pātaka- Christchurch to Akaroa.

Sea kayak and hike your way from Christchurch to Akaroa over four days.

Day 1

Activity- Sea Kayaking

Christchurch to Diamond Harbour

Day 2

Activity- Hiking

Diamond Harbour to Port Levy Saddle


B&B Little River

Day Highlights

  • Summit Mt Herbert 920 mts (highest point on Banks Peninsula)
  • 360°  views of Banks Peninsula
  • Walk the Te Ara Pataka track
  • Explore Little River

Day 3

Activity- Hiking

Port Levy Saddle to Hilltop


Duvauchelle (Akaroa Harbour)

Day Highlights

  • Windswept Totara forest
  • Giant Totara tree, 2000+ years old
  • Views of Akaroa Harbour

Day 4

Activity- Sea Kayak


Duvauchelle to Akaroa (optional return shuttle to Christchurch.)

Day Highlights

  • Sea Kayak Lyttelton Harbour
  • Kayak into Akaroa township
  • Explore the French-themed township



Is transport included?

Yes, we offer hotel and airport pick-up, or you can choose to meet us at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch City centre.

Is food included?

Yes, it’s an all-inclusive package.

Is this trip family-friendly?

No sorry, but we would be more than happy to organise a similar bespoke tour.

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4 Days  |  $1999 pp




4 nights B&B accommodation



Start point


End point

Akaroa or return to Christchurch 

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